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Victoria University of Technology (VUT) was formally established in 1990, following the passing of the Victoria University of Technology Act. While the Act was passed in 1990, VUT did not commence operations until 1992, with the two preceding years used for planning and negotiations. buy fake diploma online

There had been calls for a university to be established in the West of Melbourne for several years, and a Commonwealth-State Joint Working Party on University Education in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne was established to consider the issue. It recommended that a university be established and to that end, an agreement was drawn up between Footscray Institute of Technology, Western Institute and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). RMIT pulled out of the merger in March 1991, and the merger proceeded with FIT and Western Institute only.

1990 saw the appointment of the Foundation Chancellor, Creighton Burns, and the Interim Vice-Chancellor, Graham Allen, and the first meeting of the VUT Council. In 1991, Jarlath Ronayne was appointed as Foundation Vice-Chancellor.

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