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In 1819, Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia and inaugurated a bold experiment – a public university designed to advance human knowledge, educate leaders and cultivate an informed citizenry.

More than two centuries later, this vision is thriving. Across Grounds – and throughout the world – UVA students, faculty, staff and alumni challenge convention, break barriers and pursue the greater good.

The University is an iconic public institution of higher education, boasting nationally ranked schools and programs, diverse and distinguished faculty, a major academic medical center and proud history as a renowned research university. The community and culture of the University are enriched by active student self-governance, sustained commitment to the arts and a robust NCAA Division I Athletics program.

On October 19, 2018, the University of Virginia inaugurated James E. Ryan as its ninth president. A respected and accomplished educator and legal scholar, President Ryan previously served as dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and is a graduate of UVA Law.
The University of Virginia heads into its third century with a strong financial foundation. This includes an endowment of approximately $7.6 billion that yields $190 million in annual endowment contributions. In addition, the University’s Strategic Investment Fund provides an additional $100 million annually for research and other strategic investments.
The University has attracted a vibrant and capable new leadership team possessing enormous talent, energy and creativity. These leaders are united in their efforts to sustain and further advance the University’s highest aspirations as one of the world’s truly remarkable institutions of higher learning.

As graduating high schoolers and their parents make final decisions about college, many will place affordability and value near the top of their list. Through its financial aid program, the University of Virginia strives to remove barriers to attending UVA. Watch this video for an introduction to UVA affordability, and visit Student Financial Services for more details.

Over its 200-year history, the University of Virginia has grown into one of the nation’s preeminent public universities. And it has never lost sight of its mission to serve the people of Virginia, to lead the advancement of human knowledge and to benefit the region and the world. Today, the University continues that tradition of service as a major economic engine for the Commonwealth.

In 2016 the University engaged an independent research firm to study its effect on Virginia’s economy. The full report confirms that UVA contributes substantially to making the Commonwealth one of the nation’s best places to live and work.

There are a number of UVA undergraduate leadership opportunities that are offered in addition to the standard student government or fraternity and sorority positions found at many universities. They include UVA’s secret societies and debating societies, the student-run honor committees, and the chance to be recognized as a fourth-year student at the pinnacle of student leadership by being asked to live on The Lawn.

The Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, established in 2007, expands on these unique student leadership opportunities to study Leadership itself as a cross-disciplinary subject of focus and is closely aligned with many of the university’s schools, including the Architecture, Education, Engineering, Law, Medical, and Darden schools, as well as with programs in politics, economics, and applied ethics.

The University of Virginia has a long history of student activists who formed radical environmental, religious, and political groups to champion various social changes. An especially intense period of student activism occurred in the 1970s during the May Days strikes against the Vietnam War. More recently, the Curry School of Education and its Youth-Nex Center held a national conference in 2019 to promote student activism at UVA and beyond.