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Established in 1991, the University of South Australia is an open research institution that is associated with the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Australian Technology Network, and Universities Australia. The university was developed with the merger of two institutions, namely the South Australian Institute of Technology and the South Australian College of Advanced Education. The university campus is home to many research centers and the departments of business, law, management, commerce, architecture, pharmacy, and creative arts. It also features an open art gallery.

The campus provides all the facilities required by the students on the campus. The library of the institute consists of thousands of magazines, journals, books, and research papers. Students can also access online books available at the library. They experience a conducive learning environment on the campus. The campus also features laboratories, digital classrooms, and an auditorium. The university participates in various seminars, fests, events, competitions, and debates. There are a total of 31,966 students at the university. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The academic curriculum of the university consists of various subjects that are categorized into several schools, namely the School of Health Sciences, School of Art, Architecture and Design, School of Natural & Built Environment, School of Marketing, School of Information Technology, and Mathematical Sciences, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, School of Commerce, School of Law, School of Creative Industries, and School of Engineering.

The broad range of courses gives students a wide scope to choose as per their area of interest. Also, students learn under skilled faculty members. Besides, many industry professionals visit the university for guest lectures, practical workshops, and interactive sessions. The university has two research institutes and centers, Bass Institute for Marketing and Centre for Cancer Biology. Students also get a chance to work as interns at renowned companies under professionals. The university has a list of notable alumni that includes Andrew Baines (Artist), D.M Cornish (Author), Essington Lewis (Chairman of BHP Group), Poh Ling Yeow (Famous Chef), Phillip Coorey (Journalist), Sally Sara (Television journalist), Barbara Hanrahan (Writer), and Sarah Cumming (News reporter)

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