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The LCCI vocational qualification certificate is a vocational qualification certificate issued by the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Bureau. It is regarded as a job certificate by the majority of owners in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries (such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, and dozens of countries). Domestic and foreign-funded enterprises also regard this certificate as a basic condition for recruitment. LCCI Accounting Level 1 is equivalent to the domestic junior accounting professional title, which can also be called an accountant job certificate. LCCI Accounting Level 2 is equivalent to the domestic intermediate accounting title. LCCI Accounting Level 3 is equivalent to the domestic senior accountant title. The three-level group certificate can replace the IELTS score to study in many universities in the UK, without the embassy interview. LCCI accounting course is a course that has zero-distance contact with international accounting, and it can also be called basic accounting teaching. ACCA is a comprehensive quality education focusing on auditing. Accounting learning is a gradual process like other learning. After learning ACCA at LCCI accounting levels one to three, you will achieve good results. All exam questions are sent by LCCI London headquarters and sent to all over the world. After the exam, the exam papers will be sent to London for marking. If you pass the exam, you will get a certificate issued by LCCI London headquarters, which usually takes 12 weeks. LCCI accounting certificates are widely recognized by industrial and commercial enterprises in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and other Commonwealth countries and Hong Kong SAR. Known as the international accounting professional qualification pass.

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