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Learn how to get your MD learner’s permit or driver’s license, renew your license and schedule your driving test in Maryland with this step-by-step guide. Discover what to expect, things you need, and how to get behind the wheel faster.

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To drive in Maryland, you will need to obtain a Maryland driver license. There is a number of age-based requirements that you will have to fulfil. Here is a step by step guide that will help you save time and effort on the way.
Class A allows you to operate any single combination of vehicles and tow any trailer, while class B is for operating vehicles that weigh more than 26,001 pounds towing trailers up to 10,000 pounds. These licenses are used for driving motor homes or other recreational vehicles. Read the MD MVA Driver’s Manual and Motor home/Recreational Vehicle Guide.
It’s the most common driver’s license that allows you to operate private cars that weigh less than 26,001 pounds and may tow trailers up to 10,000 pounds. Read the MD MVA Driver’s Manual or take a free MD MVA practice test.

1. Complete an English Institute Support Letter Request form, available in HR 200. Your letter(s) will
be mailed to your Maryland address within 3 business days. You will receive an email or phone call to
confirm when they have been mailed.
2. After you receive your letter(s) from the EI, go to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to
receive a document demonstrating non-work authorized status. If you have a valid, unexpired
social security card, you DO NOT need to complete this step. You can find the SSA that is closest
to you at Take these documents with you to the SSA:
a. Completed Application for a Social Security Card. This form is available at
b. Passport with visa
c. I-94. You can find your I-94 at
d. Form I-20
e. Support letter that you received from the EI
f. If you have applied for or been approved for a change of status, you should also take your I-797
3. If you have a foreign-issued driver’s license and it is not in English, you need to get a translation.
A list of translation providers is available at You can also contact your
country’s Embassy for translation services at

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where to buy a fake Maryland Driver’s License?

4. Complete a 3-hour alcohol and drug education program. You can find a list of providers at Online programs are available. Check to see if the provider will issue a
certificate with a control number. If they will not, then you should contact another provider.
When you complete the program, you will receive a certificate to take to the Maryland Vehicle
Administration (MVA).
5. Study the Maryland Driver’s Manual and practice for the knowledge test. If you have an
unexpired driver’s license from Republic of Korea, France, Federal Republic of Germany,
Taiwan, or Japan, you DO NOT need to complete the knowledge test. The Maryland Driver’s
Manual is available at It is available in English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese,
Vietnamese, French, and Korean. The knowledge test is 25 questions and you will have 20 minutes to
complete the test. You can practice the knowledge test at
6. Prepare for the drivers skills test. Information about the drivers skills test is available at