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In 1966, Lambton College was the second college in the Ontario college system to officially open. At this time 45 students were enrolled in five programs at the college. The main campus’ cornerstone was dedicated on June 4, 1970. The cornerstone is a time capsule containing coins, bills, stamps, the college calendar for 1970–71, a copy of the school’s charter, the school seal, a copy of the land deed for the college among other items. The first president of Lambton College was Wolfgang Franke. He started full-time duties in January 1967 and his starting salary was $18,000. The first faculty tour of the original site was delayed because the building housing the classrooms was locked and no one had the key. Faculty member Ron Lawrence discovered (much to his dismay) that his house key fit the lock. In 1975 a sculpture commissioned by the school, Homage, was constructed by artist Haydn Davies. The college destroyed the sculpture in 2005. The destruction of the sculpture has been controversial and was the subject of a lawsuit settled in 2010.

Lambton’s Residence houses over 280 students and is located on campus. It includes a courtyard and a student lounge. Esports Arena on campus was the first of its kind at a Canadian college. The new Athletics & Fitness Complex features a brand new Fitness Room that is free for students. Enactus Lambton is a student group, formed in early 2012, and was crowned World Champions at the 2018 Enactus World Cup, which took place in San Jose, California. The Lambton College team competed with 30 other international college and university teams before the finals where they faced Egypt, India, and Morocco. They’re the first Canadian College to ever take home the top prize.