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LaSalle College (French: Collège LaSalle) was founded in 1959 in the LaSalle borough of Montreal, Quebec by Quebec fashion designer Jean-Paul Morin. The College offers over 60 pre-university, technical and professional programs and is the largest bilingual college in North America. The College is composed of 6 schools: Fashion, Arts & Design, Hotel Management & Tourism, Business & Technologies, Social Sciences & Education, VFX & Game Design, and E-learning.

LaSalle College was founded in 1959 by Jean-Paul Morin, who is often referred to as “the father of fashion design in Quebec.” His goal was to give the Quebec population, at the time, new career opportunities by receiving education directly from experts. The first program offered was a secretarial course.

The College is part of the Quebec educational system and grants 3 types of diplomas:

Pre-university and technical programs – DEC: A diploma of college studies (DEC) can either give a student access to university or the job market.
Continuing education and technical programs – AEC: An attestation of college studies (AEC) serves to reorient one’s career or quickly acquire a skill set applicable in the job market.
Vocational training – DVS: A diploma of vocational studies (DVS or DEP in French) is a diploma that prepares students for direct employment.


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