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Established in 1967, George Brown College was named after a newspaper publisher and politician as well, George Brown. It is also known as George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology. Sally Horsfall Eaton was the first chancellor of the college. The college is known to be the first college to start a distance education system. Currently, it has over 15,000 distance education students from all over the world.

Located in Canada, George Brown College has 3 campuses, namely Casa Loma Campus, St. James Campus, and Waterfront Campus. The Casa Loma Campus is the main campus and is known as the clean and green space of the college. The second campus, St. James Campus comprises five buildings and houses the faculty of Financial Services, Creative Arts, Business Administration, and Centre for Hospitality as well as Culinary Arts. The Waterfront campus is the newest campus, opened in 2012 and comprises of Centre for Health Sciences.

All three campuses are nearby to restaurants, shops, and stores. The college is located at a place where students are in reach of a job market, as the companies play a significant role in the academic life of students, providing them with practical experience, advice about meeting industry needs by building an effective curriculum and sharpen their skills in the particular field of interest. order George Brown College fake diploma, buy fake diploma in Canada. Fake Diploma

George Brown College provides a number of subjects like business, art and design, engineering technologies, health sciences, and hospitality. Also, it offers specialized and diploma programs along with 28 graduate certificate programs. The college is home to over 26,000 including 4,000 international students. It also provides personal assistance and guidance, advice for diploma courses, and opportunities for practical experience as well. Moreover, Electronics Technician is an award-winning program developed by Dr. Colin Simpson. Also, the college was named as one of Toronto’s top employers and best research colleges in the country in 2014.

George Brown College has a list of notable alumni. The list includes: Valerie Buhagiar (Film director and actress), Mark McEwan (Celebrity Chef), Gigi gorgeous (You tuber), John Henry (Politician), Shasha Shaun Navazesh (Founder of Shasha Bread Company), Lou Rinaldi (Politician and Entrepreneur) and Daniel MacIvor (Actor, Playwriter, Theatre director and Film director)

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