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In 1987 the Curtin University of Technology became Western Australia’s third university and Australia’s first university of technology. Curtin made the transition from the Western Australian Institute of Technology to a university with the passing of an Act of Parliament in December 1986, accepting its first students as a university in 1987. buy fake Curtin University of Technology diploma. buy fake Curtin University of Technology certificate.

Curtin grew fast, continuing the program of expansion that hallmarked the WAIT years. The University was continually building and refining the campus to meet the requirements of ever-growing numbers of students and staff. buy fake diploma. buy fake degree. buy fake certificate.

The 1990s saw great change for Curtin. It had moved from a predominantly undergraduate institution to a university with degrees and awards across the spectrum to doctoral level. At a time of decreasing federal funding, Curtin began exploring its international horizons, especially in Asia. Growth in international student numbers supported ongoing campus development.

In the mid-1990s plans were unveiled to develop the John Curtin Centre – a major construction venture honouring the University’s namesake that would provide a unifying physical heart for Curtin Perth and help announce Curtin’s arrival as a university of consequence. The Centre became home to the John Curtin Gallery and the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library (JCPML) – Australia’s first-ever prime ministerial library. It later won the Premier’s Civic Design Award.
The purpose-built Centre for Aboriginal Studies, opened in 1994, was another important development during this decade, providing a strong and identifiable base on campus for Indigenous students and staff. It also signalled Curtin’s strong commitment to Aboriginal self-determination that would be more formally recognised in later years when, in 2008, Curtin became the first teaching and research institution in Australia to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan.

The University undertook a comprehensive review of its strategic plan in 1996. After an extended period of consultation and development, the vision was to establish Curtin as a world-class university of technology. The words “look ever forward”, taken from the writings of John Curtin in 1932 about the role of universities, became its new motto.

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