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California State University Long Beach is ranked 187th in the World University Rankings by Webometrics. California State University Long Beach (California State University, Long Beach/CSULB) is one of the world’s top public comprehensive universities, enjoying a high academic reputation in the world. In the prestigious California State University system, California State University Long Beach is the top undergraduate education university, attracting elites from all over the world to study every year, and there are more than 150 bachelor and master programs to choose from. buy CSULB degree online

California State University Long Beach Ranking
California State University Long Beach School Department Setup


Art School: Art Education, Illustration Art, Photography Art, Sculpture Art, Art History, Graphic Design, Metal and Jewelry Art, Print Copy Art, Woodblock Art; Dance, Dance Science; Industrial Design, Interior Design, Film and Electronic Media, Film And video production; music history and literature, music creation, drama performance, integrated drama, drama technology.

School of Business Administration: Accounting, financial management, currency and capital markets, investment, international business, e-commerce, industry telecommunications, decision-making technology, management, human resources management, marketing,

College of Engineering: Chemical Engineering, Engineering Technology, Environmental Technology, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering Management, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Engineering Technology, Technology and Engineering Education, Electronic Engineering Engineering, Biomedical and Clinical Engineering, Electronic Engineering Technology, Computer engineering technology, aviation engineering, material engineering direction, engineering, industrial management engineering direction,

School of Health and Service: Communication Disorder, Judicial Criminology, Family and Consumer Science, Sports Training, Training Science, Physical Health, Exercise Therapy, Sports Psychology and Guidance, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Corporate Training and Development

School of Literary Studies: Anthropology, Asian and Asian American Studies, Black Studies, Mexican American and Latin American Studies, Media Studies, Comparative Literature, and Classical Literature Studies, Economics, English, Environmental Science and Policy, Geography, History, Human Development, International Studies, News, Latino American Studies, Psychology, Religious Studies, Latin, Sociology, Women’s Studies, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics:

Marine biology, microbiology, botany, ecology, cell, and molecular biology, physiology, zoology, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, integrated geology, petroleum geology, stratigraphy/semiology, Geochemistry/Mineralogy-Petrology, Geological Structure/Architecture, Underground Hydrology/Environmental Geology, Engineering Geology, Exploration Geophysics, Marine Geology/Oceanography, Astrophysics, Environmental Science and Policy, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics.

California State University Long Beach Ranking
Master’s degree

Anthropology (applied linguistics, archaeology), art, biochemistry (great required, and good scores in science), business administration (great required, and a GPA of 2.75 at the same time), chemistry (GRE required, and good scores in science at the same time), media (Requires GRE to achieve a score of 900, at the same time), Computer Engineering, Computer Science (GPA of the last 60 credits is 2.7), Dance (required), English (required), Family and Consumer Science (requires GRE, including Analytical Writing part of the score Reached 4.0, GPA reached 3.0), geography (required), German, health management (required gmat, GPA reached 3.0), history (required), kinesiology (required GRE, or professional courses), mathematics: applied mathematics, application Statistics, mathematics education, mechanical engineering and aeronautical engineering (requires a GPA of 2.7 in the last 60 credits of the course), music (GPA of 3.0 in the music course at the undergraduate level), nutrition science (requires a GRE 900 points, and an Analytical Writing score of 4.0, the final 60 credits , The course GPA reaches 3.0), interdisciplinary research (requires GRE or GMAT scores), linguistics (requires TWE scores for international students), microbiology (requires GRE, mathematics courses with a GPA of 2.7 or the final 40 credits for science courses with a GPA of 3.0) , Nursing (requires GPA 2.75 for the last 60 credits of nursing courses), vocational studies, psychotherapy (requires GRE, while professional courses with a GPA of 3.0), political science (professional courses with a GPA of 3.0), master of public administration (required), religious studies ( The last 60 credits of courses have a GPA of 3.0), social work, drama art (requires drama professional courses)

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