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At CNIH we pride ourselves on the functionality, practicality and appearance of our facilities. We are constantly updating and improving our premises and equipment to keep our facility within the highest of professional standards in order to ensure our students receive the most out of their education.

CNIH recently moved to a 20,000 sq ft modern space. Our campus accommodates 26 dental operatories, materials labs, x-ray labs, technology-enhanced classrooms, a library, personal and change room lockers.

CNIH offers a full-time, Accreditation Canada generalist sonography program in West Ottawa. We are committed to not only meeting entry-level workforce needs but to also supporting the evolving sonography practice. Our faculty are well-trained and experienced as both sonographers and instructors.

Dental Hygiene
The CNIH provides an excellent training opportunity to pursue a career as a Dental Hygienist.

The profession of dental hygiene is among the most rewarding and financially attractive among a vast array of careers. Dental Hygienists are highly respected in the community, work in a well-lit, clean environment, live a comfortable lifestyle and it is an ideal choice for those who would like to balance their time between their career and their family.

This 18-month program covers courses in behavioral sciences, biomedical sciences, oral health sciences, dental hygiene theory and practice as well as clinical experience.

Our programs are structured to support and develop essential qualities of caring, accountability, a credible work ethic, critical thinking, problem-solving and effective interpersonal relationships.

Join the team of dedicated professionals helping people maintain good oral health and prevent dental disease, by enrolling in CNIH’s Dental Hygiene Program!
CNIH is accredited by Accreditation Canada (AC). The accredited program assures students they are receiving an education from a college that meets the highest standards in dental hygiene education.

The Canadian National Institute of Health dental hygiene program aims to ensure that its graduates are educated to perform all recognized dental hygiene procedures in the most proficient manner using critical thinking skills and effective interpersonal communication. In addition, the program provides the students with an opportunity to develop excellence in clinical procedures and is structured to foster caring and credible work ethics.

CNIH provides the students with state of the art clinical equipment and are supervised by highly qualified dental hygienists and dentists.