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Canada driver's license

Canada driver’s license

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What kind of licence?

In Ontario, there are 12 different classes of licences. Each one qualifies you to drive a different type of vehicle. The class of licence you have must match the type of vehicle you are driving. You need a Class G licence to drive a car, van or small truck. You must have a Class G licence before you can be licensed to drive any other type of vehicle. The only exception is motorcycles. You may get a motorcycle licence (Class M) without first getting a Class G licence. The Driver’s Licence Classification Chart shows you what class of licence you need to drive different vehicles.

For information on the skills and knowledge you’ll need to get a Class M motorcycle licence, study the Official MTO Motorcycle Handbook. You can get information on other kinds of licences – classes A, B, C, D, E and F – in the Official MTO Truck Handbook and the Official MTO Bus Handbook. If you want to drive a vehicle equipped with air brakes, the Official MTO Air Brake Handbook tells you how to qualify.

Some recreational vehicles have special licence requirements. If you plan to drive an off-road vehicle or snowmobile, read the Off-Road Vehicles section in this handbook.

You do not need a licence to ride a bicycle in Ontario; however bicycles are defined as vehicles in the Highway Traffic Act and bicyclists have rights and responsibilities similar to other vehicle operators under the Act. Information on safe cycling can be found in the Ministry of Transportation publications Cycling Skills and the Young Cyclist Guide.

Graduated licensing

New drivers applying for their first car or motorcycle licence enter Ontario’s graduated licensing system. Graduated licensing lets new drivers get driving experience and skills gradually. The two-step licensing process takes at least 20 months to complete.

To apply for a licence, you must be at least 16 years old, pass a vision test and pass a test of your knowledge of the rules of the road and traffic signs. After you pass these tests, you will enter Level One and get a Class G1 licence.

You must pass two road tests to become fully licensed. Passing the first road test lets you move to Level Two (Class G2), and the second one gives you full Class G driving privileges.

Applying for a licence

To apply for a licence, you must show proof of your legal name, date of birth (showing day, month and year of birth) and signature. Documents must be original and valid. Photocopies and expired documents are not acceptable.

Bring the documents to a DriveTest Centre or Travel Point (a temporary DriveTest Centre where there is no regional centre). Phone ahead to find out where the nearest Travel Point is and when it is open. You can also find it on the Internet at


You must pay a fee when you apply. This fee includes the cost of the knowledge test, your first road test and a five-year licensing fee. There are more charges for your second road test and for any retests you may need to take. To schedule a road-test appointment, you must prepay the fee.

When you apply for your licence, you will be asked questions about your health. People with certain physical or medical conditions are not allowed to drive for safety reasons. If your physical or medical condition means you cannot be licensed, you will be told when you apply.

Once you have a licence, you should report any change in your medical condition that may affect your ability to drive safely. By law, doctors and optometrists must report the name and address of anyone over 16 who has a condition that may make it unsafe for him or her to drive.

For further details on applying for a licence, visit the Ministry of Transportation website.

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Proof of identification

Any one of the following documents may be used to satisfy the requirement to provide proof of legal name, complete date of birth and signature:

  • Passport (Canadian or foreign)
  • Canadian Citizenship Card with photo
  • Permanent immigration documents
    • Permanent Resident Card (PRC)
    • Record of Landing (Form 1000)
    • Confirmation of Permanent Residence (Form IMM 5292)
  • Temporary immigration documents
    • Student Authorization (IMM 1442)
    • Employment Authorization(IMM 1442)
    • Visitor Record (IMM 1442)
    • Temporary Resident’s Permit (IMM 1442)
    • Report Pursuant to the Immigration Act (IMM 1442 with photo)

Additional documents

Additional documents are required if the document presented from the previous list does not indicate the legal name, complete date of birth (day, month, year) or signature. The additional documents must provide proof of the missing or incomplete information.

The following documents are acceptable as proof of date of birth and legal name:

  • Canadian or U.S. Birth Certificate

The following documents are acceptable as proof of signature:

  • Driver’s Licence (Canadian and U.S. only)
  • Identity Card with signature(issued by Canadian province/territory or U.S. state authority)
  • Canadian Certificate of Indian Status
  • Ontario Student Card with signature
  • Ontario health card with applicant’s signature. (Clients may choose to produce their Ontario health card for proof of signature. The health card and health number will not be recorded or photocopied)

Proof of legal name

If additional documents presented to prove date of birth or signature do not indicate the applicant’s legal name (for example, the name has been changed or is different on the two documents presented), the applicant will be required to provide additional documents as proof of legal name. The following additional documents are acceptable as proof of legal name:

  • Marriage certificate (Canadian or foreign, government-issued)
  • Change-of-name certificate
  • Court order for adoption, change of name or divorce (must bear legal name, date of birth and court seal)

To confirm complete date of birth where no or only partial date of birth is available:

  • Sworn affidavit stating reason why partial or no date is available, with supporting documents. Please contact ServiceOntario at 416-235-2999 or toll free at 1-800-387-3445 (Canada-wide) for further information.

Note: Direct identification by a parent or guardian is not acceptable. The applicant is required to present an acceptable document with his or her own signature.

Declaration from a guarantor

If an applicant is unable to present one of the above documents as proof of signature, they may present an original, completed declaration from a guarantor form attesting to their signature. Applicants must first ensure that no other acceptable documents for signature are available from the list identified previously. To obtain a guarantor form:

  • Download the declaration-from-a-guarantor form from the Ministry of Transportation’s website or the DriveTest website or,
  • Request a copy of the form at any DriveTest Centre.

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