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The university takes its name from founders Alan Brierley, Richard Price and Charles Prior, who established Brierley Price Prior in 1975 to train accounting students. BPP first obtained the degree-granting authority in 2007 and in 2020 granted the indefinite degree-granting authority.

In March 2013, university and college unions wrote to then-British Business Secretary Vince Cable urging him to put BPP’s application for a university title on hold pending an investigation into its relationship with the parent company, saying “the interests of BPP students are at risk. Buy BPP University fake diploma. Buy BPP University fake degree. Buy BPP University fake diploma in UK. and the international credibility of UK university titles.”

On August 8, 2013, BPP University Professional College was awarded the title of university and changed its name to BPP University. The move to grant BPP university status has been criticised in an open letter by a coalition of universities and colleges. In November 2013, BPP was awarded the title of “Higher Education/Professional Education Institution of the Year 2013” by EducationInvestor Magazine.

In September 2017, Times Higher Education reported that BPP had closed its Dentistry and Oral Sciences degree programme immediately after failing to meet General Dentistry Council standards just a year after launching the programme in 2016, leaving new students unable to start and existing Undergraduates face an uncertain future.

In June 2017, BPP was awarded a ‘Bronze’ in the Teaching Excellence Framework, a government-backed initiative to make teaching standards more transparent for students, in the categories of ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ for educational institutions and “Bronze”.

BPP’s undergraduate Law Bachelor (LL.B.) program, first established in 2009, was suspended in May 2018 pending a review of the law school’s entire portfolio of programs. The number of undergraduates enrolled in the LLB dropped from 665 in 2014 to 105 in 2017. July 2018, due to LLB. Following the suspension, Legal Cheek revealed that BPP had cut several staff at its Waterloo campus.

In June 2018, BPP closed its Liverpool campus and told all its students in Liverpool to continue studying at the Manchester campus.

In November 2018, Ofsted rated the BPP’s apprenticeship provisions as “inadequate”. In February 2019, the Ministry of Education banned BPP from recruiting new apprentices, citing “insufficient progress”.

The BPP University School of Law partnered with the City Consortium in December 2019 and was appointed a provider of Bar Qualifying Exam (SQE) training. In August 2020, BPP students filed a formal complaint citing “unreasonable prejudice,” claiming that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the law school was prioritizing students with training contracts at the City Consortium law firm and in Send them hard copies of study materials before summer exams, an offer not offered to candidates without training contracts. BPP has denied claims and allegations of favoritism.

BPP University has been accused of “destructive editing” on Wikipedia in a successful case against them of unfair dismissal. How to buy BPP University fake diploma online? Where can i get to buy BPP University fake degree? How long to buy BPP University fake certificate?

On December 15, 2020, the student council presidents of the four court colleges—Grey, Lincoln, Inner Temple, and Middle Temple—written a joint letter to BPP University School of Law stating that what they say is the existence of “university teaching” Systemic flaws”. Student council presidents expressed their “unwavering solidarity” with students who have been “negatively impacted” by the quality of teaching in BPP’s professional training for lawyers and the Graduate Diploma in Law.

In 2020, BPP and Grant Thornton LLP launched a coaching professional apprenticeship program, and in March 2021, launched two data apprenticeship programs (digital accountants/in-house training) for Grant Thornton and Mazars.

In May 2021, official figures from the education regulator’s Office of Students found that the university was the lowest-ranked institution in the country for student employability. “More than a year after graduation, 69.2 per cent of students at BPP University (which specialises in law and accounting courses) have failed to secure graduate employment or further study,” The Telegraph said in reporting the findings.

BPP launched a chat and networking program for its law students in 2021. Previously, BPP launched a welfare program to teach students how to meditate and provide them with “specially commissioned audio meditations”.